"Plugged In!" - 35 Years
JMLCable: Computer Interface Cables and Connectivity

 JMLCable provides cabling as its core specialty and can manufacturer, ship and install cables that satisfy your complete interface cabling needs. When dealing direct with JMLCable, you communicate with industry experts, having extensive first hand knowledge of all types of fiber/copper cabling and connection schemes.
     JMLCable is your fast track to connecting the dots, with just in time design & build capabilities providing last mile, campus, peripheral device and telecommunications cabling infrastructures for industrial, commercial, and/or residential environments.
     In terms of sheer sweep of technological advancement the 35 years since JMLCable began providing custom, state-of-the-art computer interface cables represents an era of unparalleled  progress.
     JMLCable produces over 20,000 custom products which we provide today for a constantly expanding base of customers of every size, on six continents.
     JMLCable has been presented numerous Supplier Recognition Awards for its excellence in suppling quality products on-time with superior service.
     JMLCable Quality is above industry standards in testing procedures, we fully test each cable twice for resistance and capacitance to ensure connection reliability. Labeling each cable with a unique serial # symbolizes and keeps track of the quality and workmanship that went into making it. This JMLCable quality instilled confidence, gives the installer/ integrator quicker and more hassle free installations.